Collection: Puro Line Tilab Srl

The Puro Tilab Srl Line is the flagship of the production of I Rimedi del Dr. Tili to deal with a wide range of pelvic pathologies , from the most common ones such as bacterial cystitis to the more complex and less known ones such as Vulvodynia, Pelvic Contracture, Pelvic Neuropathy, Interstitial Cystitis etc.

The Puroman Tilab Line focuses on using pure D-mannose from pendula birch to offer a wide range of supplements to address acute bacterial cystitis , post coital cystitis and chronic cystitis . The products of the Puro Line such as pure D-mannose in powder and capsules, the D-mannose lubricant and the particular formulations such as Puroman Act D-mannose and Cranberry make it possible to deal with Cystitis in all its phases, both in the acute and in the prevention phase to avoid any recurrence.

The Puronerv Tilab Line focuses on the use of innovative phytotherapeutic extracts with high titration with natural analgesic and reconstructive properties on the damaged nervous system. The Puronerv products of Dr. Tili's Remedies are specific for dealing with painful, chronic and disabling pelvic pathologies. Puronerv products are unique and have no equivalent on the market .

The offer is completed by: Purodefend Urto, a Tilab product useful in case of acute bacterial cystitis, other types of infections, or menstrual cycle disorders such as painful or irregular periods; Purorepair GAG, specific product in case of Interstitial Cystitis or bladder fragility, useful for reconstructing the bladder urothelium in case of damage due, for example, to a succession of chronic cystitis; Purocol Flor, specific probiotic lactic ferments to restore and maintain the balance of the intestinal bacterial flora ; Purofem Doderlein, lactic ferments with a specific probiotic action to restore the intimate bacterial flora altered by antibiotic treatments, estrogen-progestogen pill or menopause and prevent infections by bacteria, viruses and Candida.

The Puroman, Puronerv, Purodefend, Purorepair, Purocol and Purofem lines were developed by I Rimedi del Dr.Tili - Tilab SRL in collaboration with the association APS and a group of professionals chosen to ensure maximum efficacy, tolerability and safety of products .