Collection: Immune Defense Supplements

In the event of an ongoing viral or bacterial infection, during seasonal changes and during periods of stress, it is recommended to strengthen the immune system with supplements for the immune system, specific herbal medicines and vitamins.

In the presence of low immune defenses without particular dietary deficiencies, it is recommended to take supplements to increase the immune defenses based on immunostimulant extracts . The extracts of Astragalus, Uncaria, Eleutherococcus and resins such as Propolis have amply demonstrated their beneficial effects in strengthening the immune system . T-Immuno, among the best supplements for the immune system, is a powerful mix of phytotherapeutic extracts at maximum doses, with broad-spectrum immunostimulating properties .

A healthy immune system needs to be nourished daily with the vitamins it needs. Among those most necessary for its proper functioning, vitamin C and vitamin D stand out. These are essential for the development and maintenance of cells of the immune system . When the cause of the low immune defenses is attributable to vitamin deficiencies, it is recommended to take Vitamin C from Acerola and Vitamin D from Icelandic lichen, plants that contain an incomparable quantity .