Collection: Eye drops and eye drops

Wind, salt, excessive heat and cold, pollution, smoke, dust and the use of contact lenses can cause irritation, redness, burning, itching and dry eyes. In these cases you can buy eye drops such as Isomar eyes. If you prefer natural eye drops, then the Eumivil eye drops based on Mallow and colloidal silver or Chamomile and distilled water of Hamamelis and Euphrasia are preferable. These are also suitable for frequent use. The eye drops moisturize the surface of the eye giving a quick and lasting relief to the sensation of irritation and dryness of the eyes.

In case of allergic conjunctivitis and in inflammatory states of the conjunctiva characterized by a burning sensation in the eyes, excessive tearing, photophobia, hyperemia, it is recommended to buy eye drops such as Imidazyl (naphazoline nitrate). Imidazyl eye drops relieve redness, swelling, itching and excessive watering of the eyes