Collection: Detox Supplements, Body Purifiers and Weight Control

When trying to lose weight, purify the body or drain stagnant body fluids, it is useful to use detox concentrates, weight control supplements and natural draining slimming phytotherapeutic.

Among the supplements and natural remedies to purify the liver and the body , the most complete is Depuro, a concentrate based on Milk Thistle, Artichoke leaves, Fumaria and Dandelion. Thanks to its composition and its natural active ingredients it accelerates the detoxification of harmful substances by alcohol, poor nutrition and poor digestion .

In case you want to fight water retention, skin blemishes (cellulite , for example ) and heaviness and swelling of the limbs it is possible to use a draining slimming phytotherapeutic such as Pilosella Birch. These natural remedies stimulate a deep release of intracellular fluids due, for example, to lymphatic stasis and significantly increase the daily diuresis.

In case you are looking for a food supplement to lose weight , it is good to know this type of natural remedy for weight loss can really help a lot , but it won't be enough. In fact, supplements designed to facilitate weight loss such as Turmeric and Piperine Forte, act on two elements of the metabolism:  reduce appetite by facilitating the sense of early satiety; push the body to efficiently metabolize fats and to feed on lipids rather than carbohydrates. It is clear that weight loss supplements without a ballanced diet (even better if combined with a little movement), will give poor results.