Collection: Supplements and Hair and Nail Treatments

The makeup of nails and hair is similar, and they both share different nutritional needs. First, nails are composed to a large extent of keratin and hair depends on this protein for strength and waterproofing. Furthermore, both nails and hair need fair amounts of iron, zinc and selenium and benefit greatly from vitamin B. A supplement such as Miglio Zucca Melanzana is indicated to counteract the problems of fragility and tendency to break both hair and nails .

In approaching more specific problems involving the hair and scalp, the first step is to choose a specific shampoo to be used daily. The specific shampoos for oily hair, brittle hair or treated hair benefit greatly from the continuity of use dictated by the rhythms of personal hygiene.

If you are dealing with hair loss or thinning processes, it is advisable to take a supplement such as Hair Care Vitamins Hair Treatment in the first instance, so as to support hair growth and make up for any vitamin and mineral deficiencies.