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Puronerv Oleogel Intimate 50ml Dr. Tili

Puronerv Oleogel Intimate 50ml Dr. Tili

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Made in Italy supplement monitored heavy metals nickel tested without added fragrance   silicone-free Integratore con Certificazione Halal

Puronerv® is an oleogel based on pure hypericum oil, Myrliq® (phytotherapeutic extract of myrrh with high titration) and vitamin E. Thanks to its extremely delicate and fragrance-free formula , Puronerv Oleogel is highly tolerated even by women with hypersensitive mucous membranes , affected for example by vestibulodynia and lichen sclerosus. Local application, even during massages, is indicated in case of muscular, neuralgic and rheumatic pains . Useful in case of itching and genital pain from Vulvodynia, Pelvic Neuropathy and Pelvic Contracture.
Puronerv Oleogel Intimate is an intimate oleogel with Halal certification, synonymous with excellence and safety for all consumers. This certification confirms adherence to rigorous standards of raw material purity and ethical production. It makes Puronerv Oleogel the perfect natural supplement both for practicing Muslims and for those looking for a natural, safe and sustainable product. The ideal solution for those who aim for maximum quality, without compromising on safety of use and commitment to sustainable production processes.

St. John's wort oil helps protect skin and mucous membrane cells from oxidative stress and helps to reduce local and muscle discomfort and neuropathic burning . With its emollient and moisturizing action it promotes the healing of micro-lesions and supports the regeneration of mucous membrane cells . It is ideal on the genital level in case of delicate and atrophic vulvar mucous membranes , episiotomy scars, hemorrhoids and anal fissures.

Natural analgesic, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties are attributed to myrrh extract . It is useful in case of chronic pelvic pain. It can help counteract female genital area disorders ( burning, redness and pain ) caused by vulvodynia, vaginal dryness, vulvo-vaginal atrophy, menopause, genital neuropathy.

Vitamin E promotes the re- epithelialization of the mucous membranes with its dermoprotective and antioxidant properties.



Apply a dose to the area to be treated once or twice a day or as needed.



Helianthus annuus seed oil. Hypericum perforatum flower/leaf/stem extract. Tocopheryl acetate. Silica dimethyl silylate. Commiphora myrrh gum extract.



Keep out of reach of children. Avoid direct contact with eyes, if it occurs rinse with plenty of water. Keep away from heat sources. For external use. Apply to intact skin.



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