Collection: Syrups and Natural Sprays Wellness Respiratory

The natural remedies to soothe and fight the symptoms of respiratory tract diseases are among the most tested by phytotherapy. On the other hand, these are mild but extremely common pathologies with which man has historically always lived.

In case of cough it is recommended to use a natural syrup that helps thin and expectorate phlegm without side effects. A natural solution such as Snail Slime Syrup is ideal for relieve the symptoms of wet cough and thinning phlegm without resorting to over-the-counter drugs. The Three Actions Syrup is also ideal in case of dry cough , thanks to his antitussive and calming properties . In the event that the cough symptoms are particularly severe, the use of drugs such as Vicks Cough (Dextromethorphan) or Mucolytic Fluifort (Carbocisteine) can be used

In the case of colds, sinusitis and seasonal allergies accompanied by the typical symptoms of allergic rhinitis, it is possible to resort to specific natural extracts such as Ribes Nigrum Drops. The purchase of a medical device such as Isomar sea water is recommended to help clear the nose.

In case of sore throat you can resort to throat spray dal disinfectant, emollient, soothing and anti-inflammatory power . In this case you can rely on a natural spray free from side effects based on Propolis , a mixture of resins to which natural antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties are attributed.