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Xanagel Tube 50ml

Xanagel Tube 50ml

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Xanagel Tubo is useful in case of vaginosis, non-specific vaginitis, vulvitis:
thanks to its lubricating, antiseptic and soothing action, it is effective in controlling symptoms such as burning, itching, vaginal dryness and bad odors, re-establishing the correct trophism of the vulvo-vaginal tissues. Useful to soothe, hydrate and lubricate, reducing the characteristic symptoms. The hydrating and antioxidant activity restores the natural hydration and lubrication of the genital mucous membranes, which is also appreciable during the sexual act. Useful in the symptomatic treatment of radiodermatitis. Improves the trophism of the genital mucous membranes in hormonal treatments (contraceptive pill, LH-RH analogues). In women undergoing perimenopause, it helps to restore the normal trophism of the genital mucous membranes;
balanitis, balanoposthitis:
the lubricating, hydrating and soothing actions contribute to the rapid and effective control of symptoms such as burning, itching, desquamation which are characteristic symptoms of infectious-inflammatory states of the foreskin and the mucosa of the glans. The lubricating and hydrating activities restore the natural trophism of the tissues. In diabetic patients, manifestations of inflammation of the genital mucous membranes are not rare; the activities carried out allow us to normalize tissue hyperreactivity, the main cause of inflammation and the characteristic symptoms that derive from it. In order to accelerate and promote tissue repair processes, use during or after treatment with antibiotics or antifungals prescribed by the doctor is recommended.

Dosage and method of use:

For female use:
External application: one application per day is recommended (preferably before going to sleep), for 6 days, followed by one application every other day for 2 weeks.

Applied externally, the product does not drip and if necessary it can also be applied during the day, as needed. The 50 ml tube allows you to carry it with you comfortably even in your handbag.

For male use
We recommend two applications throughout the day until symptoms subside.

Apply a light layer of Xanagel to the glans mucosa.

medical device entirely formulated with components of natural origin. Its composition integrates in a single product the possibility of use in all cases of dryness of the genital mucous membranes whether caused by infections (acute or recurrent) or by hormonal changes. The particular formulation of the Xanagel gel is non-greasy, does not produce particular "hot/cold" sensations and leaves no traces on the skin and mucosa. Using Xanagel can be useful for both soothing and hydrating.

Store Xanagel 50ml tube in a cool, dry place.



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