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Hair Treatment Frequent Washing Shampoo and Vitamins

Hair Treatment Frequent Washing Shampoo and Vitamins

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  Made in Italy supplement  monitored heavy metals nickel tested   without parabens silicone-free sustainable packaging

Complete treatment to keep hair and scalp healthy in case of frequent washing. It combines the Hair Mild Natural Delicate Shampoo, which gently cleanses and maintains the balance of the scalp, with the high titration supplement of phytotherapeutic extracts Hair Vitamins Hair Care, which acts as a sebum regulator and gives shine and texture to the hair.


A single treatment for the daily well-being and health of hair and skin. Specific in case of frequent washing which can lead to a progressive weakening of the hair, an increase in the production of sebum and the appearance of dandruff .

Dr. Tili Mild Hair Delicate Shampoo is a natural shampoo for frequent washing , with a pleasant citrus fragrance, based on mallow leaf extract and rice bran oil.

As you know, washing your hair too often inevitably leads it to get dirty more easily and faster , as well as making it weaker and more prone to falling out. Not only that, if the skin is too dry due to constant washing, it is very likely that dandruff will form on the hair .
The natural solution is Delicate Hair Mild Shampoo which with its formula with specific surfactants gently cleanses, respects and helps restore the balance of the scalp .

Mallow leaf extract has moisturizing and soothing properties which are particularly useful in case of irritated and reddened scalp . Thanks to its mucilages, it soothes the scalp and penetrates deeply into the hair shaft, repairing it and giving shine and natural volume to the hair .

Rice bran oil extract is ideal for the care of excessively oily or weakened hair, thin, dull and prone to falling out . Vitamin E, phytosterols, good fatty acids and ferulic acid improve the condition of the scalp, repair damage on the surface of the hair , contribute to its healthy growth and strengthen the hair bulbs . Thanks to its sebum-regulating properties, the scalp will be clean and the level of sebum secreted balanced. With normal sebum production, hair won't get dirty quickly and excessively dry scalp will be adequately hydrated .

Vitamin Hair Treatment Hair Care is a food supplement based on highly titrated phytotherapeutic extracts of bamboo, French maritime pine and tribolo, enriched with minerals, vitamins, biotin and zinc.

Bamboo is a plant native to the Far East known for its rapid growth, its great flexibility and the considerable heights it can reach. This is largely due to the high content of silicates enclosed in its trunk, which allows it to grow up to twenty meters in height despite the size of the trunk. In particular, bamboo is made up of over 70% bioavailable silicon , a percentage that can only be approached by a few other plants such as Equisetum, Nettle and Devil's Claw. Silicon, combined with the other elements present in bamboo such as zinc, copper and B vitamins, strengthens and increases the elasticity of the hair, counteracting hair loss .

The bark of the French maritime pine is a concentrate of polyphenols, bioflavonoids, caffeic and ferulic acids combined with pycnogenol. Pycnogenol helps to reactivate the microcirculation of the scalp, improving the circulation of the follicles. It also protects the keratin in the hair shaft and preserves the skin's collagen fibers, strengthening the skin base where hair grows . In fact, if the blood circulation of the scalp is impaired or if the skin is not very elastic and compact, the follicles can be damaged and the hair more prone to falling out.

Biotin , or vitamin H or vitamin B7 or even coenzyme R, is an essential micronutrient belonging to the B group vitamins. Biotin cannot be produced naturally by the body and neither can it be accumulated. Biotin is essential for healthy skin, nails and hair. In particular, this vitamin helps the hair build a stronger keratin structure , and pushes the hair cells to replicate faster. The result is stronger, more elastic hair, less prone to split ends, as well as faster growth .
Biotin also has benefits for the scalp. In addition to reducing the causes of thinning, vitamin B8 helps regulate sebum production . In many cases, in fact, hair loss is connected to excessive sebaceous production or to an altered sebum composition . This results in a strong degree of acidity on the scalp, which irritates the follicles and hinders healthy hair growth. Biotin contributes to the quantitative and qualitative balance of sebum, essential for hair growth.

Zinc is an essential trace element for many biochemical processes, such as cell reproduction, production and maintenance of correct hormone levels, protein synthesis and the absorption of vitamins and other minerals. Zinc promotes keratinous synthesis and plays a fundamental role in the correct assimilation of proteins and in hair development. It is no coincidence that a zinc deficiency has among its most common symptoms a clear worsening of the condition of the hair and nails.



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