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Regobasic 12 sachets

Regobasic 12 sachets

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Food supplement based on basic salts of calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, manganese and zinc. Zinc maintains the body's acid-base balance, calcium, magnesium and potassium promote normal muscle functions.


Useful for: - High-protein, ketogenic diets: these diets allow rapid weight loss but produce a high quantity of acid waste. Basic salts have a buffering effect. - Unbalanced diet: excessive consumption of meat and foods of animal origin and poor intake of vegetables and fruit. - Sports activity: thanks to a beneficial effect on muscle function (magnesium, calcium, potassium). - Feeling of tiredness and fatigue (magnesium). - Promote the functioning of bones (calcium). Without lactose, gluten (Included in the AIC Handbook), added sugars. New jar with airtight closure, recyclable, guaranteed free of Bisphenol A: a toxic substance emitted by plastic containers. With measuring cup in the package


The association, in collaboration with numerous professionals in the sector, has created schemes that help you use this product in the correct ways and times. Download them now from the links below!

Schemes that include the product:

- Download the Post-coital Cystitis scheme

- Download the Cystitis in Pregnancy and Breastfeeding scheme

- Download the Abacterial Cystitis Without Symptoms scheme

- Download the Chronic Cystitis scheme

- Download the Cystitis in Children scheme

- Download the Acute Cystitis scheme

Schemes that do not include the product:

- Download the generic D-mannose intake scheme

- S loads the Dada Cystitis in Menopause scheme

- Download the Asymptomatic Bacteriuria Scheme

- Download the Miriam Candida and Vaginal Infections scheme



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