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Queen Charlotte wild sockeye salmon pure oil 120 capsules

Queen Charlotte wild sockeye salmon pure oil 120 capsules

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Queen Charlotte is a food supplement of pure sockeye salmon oil, suitable for the well-being of our body because it is rich in Omega 3, Astaxanthin and essential fatty acids.

The precious pure oil of Queen Charlotte Wild Salmon is extracted from the head of Wild Sockeye Salmon, one of the most valuable species in the Pacific Ocean. The extraction from the head, and not from the liver as commonly occurs, is performed through mechanical pressing, following high standards that guarantee nutritional integrity and purity.

Queen Charlotte Pure Wild Salmon Oil is 100% pure because no natural or synthetic additives are added.

Queen Charlotte pure wild salmon oil contains large quantities of saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, cholesterol, vitamins A, E, D and astaxanthin.

You can also find Queen Charlotte pure wild sockeye salmon oil in the T+complex treatment program Detox Liver and Organism

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You can also find Queen Charlotte wild red salmon pure oil in the T+complex treatment Natural Drainage programme

From a research carried out on Red Salmon Oncorhynchus Nerka it emerged that it contains nutritional values ​​in percentage comparable with Queen Charlotte oil, confirming its natural purity and the cold mechanical extraction method of our product.



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