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Narhinel Newborn Physiological Solution 20 vials 5ml

Narhinel Newborn Physiological Solution 20 vials 5ml

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Narhinel Physiological Solution is indicated for children and infants thanks to its delicate cleansing action on the nasal cavities . Narhinel Physiological Solution softens the mucus and promotes its expulsion thanks to its emollient and fluidifying action. It:

  • it is indicated in case of blocked nose, allergy, cold ;
  • gently washes the nasal cavities of children, infants and adults;
  • moisturizes irritated or dry nasal mucosa ;
  • relieves irritation and protects the mucosa from external agents;
  • help the little ones who still don't know how to blow their nose to feel better and rest well;
  • it is ideal for the daily washing of the nasal cavities;
  • it is in sterile disposable vials ;
  • it can also be used in aerosol therapy .

Dosage and method of use Narhinel Infant Physiological Solution 20 vials 5ml

Narhinel Saline is suitable for infants, children and adults .

For infants under 2 weeks of age, pediatrician advice is recommended before use.

The normal frequency of use of Narhinel Saline solution is 2-4 times a day in each nostril. Do the following when hiring:

  • Before opening the vial, wash your hands thoroughly.
  • Blow your nose if necessary.
  • Separate a single vial by removing the cap.
  • Tilt the head back and introduce the spout of the vial just behind the nostril.
  • Squeeze the vial carefully to get a few drops and more forcefully if more thorough cleaning is required.
  • Wait a few seconds and blow your nose if necessary.

For hygienic reasons to avoid infections, the vial should only be used by one person.

Instructions for use in aerosol therapy of Narhinel Physiological Solution Babies 20 vials 5ml:

If Narhinel Infant Saline Solution is used alone, carefully read the instructions given by the manufacturer of the aerosol device.

If Narhinel Infant Saline is used to dilute a medicine, read the instructions in the medicine leaflet carefully.

Active Ingredients and Excipients Narhinel Infant Physiological Solution 20 vials 5ml

Narhinel Physiological Solution contains 0.9% sodium chloride and purified water.

Contraindications Narhinel Newborn Physiological Solution 20 vials 5ml

Narhinel Physiological Solution is stored in single-dose vials, for external use only. Do not use an opened vial. Do not use the product if damaged or broken. Keep out of the reach and sight of children. Do not use the product after the expiry date indicated on the package.

Store Narhinel Neonates Saline Solution at room temperature. Protect from heat.

Do not use the product in case of known hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients.

Due to its cleansing capabilities, it is recommended to use Narhinel before using another nasal product for local use (for example for colds or allergic rhinitis).
It can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding Narhinel Infant Physiological Solution 20 vials 5ml

Can I take Narhinel Physiological Solution when pregnant or breastfeeding?

Narhinel Physiological Solution can be used during pregnancy and lactation.



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