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Grintuss Pediatric Children's Syrup 180g

Grintuss Pediatric Children's Syrup 180g

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Grintuss Pediatric is a dry and oily cough syrup based on Honey and molecular complexes of Grindelia, Plantain and Helichrysum. Grintuss Pediatric is indicated for the treatment of both dry and wet coughs in children from 1 year of age .

The composition of Grintuss Pediatric based on honey and natural extracts is indicated for cough therapy in children during the cold winter period .

Grintuss Children's Syrup soothes coughs and fluidifies phlegm respecting the airways of the little ones. Grintuss in fact modulates the cough without suppressing it , thus respecting the important defense role of the upper airways .

Thanks to its natural composition, Grintuss Pediatric has a triple action:

  • Mucoregulatory and antitussive action : Grintuss Pediatric adheres to the mucous membrane and limits contact with irritating external agents. Generates a barrier effect with a microfilm film that protects and respects the airways.
  • Fluidifying action : Grintuss Pediatric promotes hydration of the mucous membrane and mucus, favoring its expulsion.


Take 1 teaspoon of Grintuss Pediatric for children from 1 to 6 years and 2 teaspoons of Grintuss Pediatric from 6 years on. Repeat the intake two to four times a day. Grintuss Pediatric syrup can be taken as it is or diluted in a small amount of warm liquids (water, milk, infusions, etc.).


Cane sugar, honey, water, hydroalcoholic extract of plantain leaves, freeze-dried extract of plantain leaves, freeze-dried extract of Grindelia top, freeze-dried extract of Helichrysum top, essential oils with natural flavors of: lemon, sweet orange, myrtle, natural lemon flavour.


Once opened, use the product within three months. The possible presence of small undissolved particles is due to the concentration of the freeze-dried extracts and does not affect the quality of the product. The agitation of the product, just before its use, allows the restoration of the homogeneity conditions of the syrup. Close the bottle carefully after use. Do not use if there is hypersensitivity or individual allergy to one or more components.



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