Black Friday con Doppia V Project

A Black Friday for Double V Project

Vulvodynia is a complex disease with no identifiable origin that affects the external part of the female genitalia . It compromises women's sex life and can affect all normal daily actions , such as peeing, sitting down, wearing pantyhose, playing sports, sometimes even walking.

The worst aspect of vulvodynia is the difficulty of diagnosing it unequivocally and quickly. In fact, compared to estimates that indicate an incidence of the pathology on 1 out of 8 women , this has not enjoyed any attention from the general public and the scientific community in the past. As a result , it remained unknown to women for a long time , who were unable to help and confront each other, and to specialist medical personnel, who were unable to diagnose and treat it.

In recent years there has finally been a progressive awareness: for the masses thanks to the dissemination of knowledge via the internet, social networks and non-profit associations such as ; for professionals thanks to the specific training courses on pelvic floor health and the animated debate around the bill for the recognition of vulvodynia and pudendal neuropathy .

Double V Project

Double V Project is a crowdfunding project to support research on Vulvodynia wanted by the Double V Group. The group is made up of:

  • Valentina Proserpio: molecular biologist and researcher at the University of Turin. He teaches genetics to second year Biological Sciences students. Together with his collaborators he wants to study this pathology more thoroughly. Valentina Proserpio - Google Scholar Linkedin Valentina Proserpio
  • Silvia Fiamberti Graphics: project style manager.
  • Emilia Fusi: Jewelery designer, responsible for the line of gadgets for the project
  • Antonella Managò: Molecular biologist and PhD. Antonella Managò works in the field of academic publishing and scientific communication

The group describes its mission as follows:

We have thought of a fundraiser because currently there are not many funds available for the study of chronic pain and the competitions are very competitive. We therefore thought we could carry on thanks to the generosity not only of patients and family members but also of each of us.

Thanks to the advanced molecular biology techniques available in our laboratories, we can help patients by finding a method to first diagnose and then lay the foundations for the treatment of this disease. The greater the number of patients we will be able to involve and analyze in our project, the greater the chances of identifying an effective diagnosis and perhaps in the future even a cure for Vulvodynia, without excluding the possibility that the same mechanisms are common to other similar diseases such as pudendal neuropathy or fibromyalgia.

The group also outlined goals for the fundraiser which will begin on November 19 and conclude 52 days later on January 9. The first goal is 10,000 euros and if not achieved, the donations will be returned to the donors . The ceiling of the figure, if reached, will increase by another 10,000 euros at a time up to a maximum of 100,000 euros . The proceeds will be used to offer accurate and free tests to patients with vulvodynia.

We are here, this is our part!

I Rimedi del Dr. Tili has always supported the cause of the recognition of Vulvodynia and this time too we have decided to do our part: from November 24th to December 4th we will donate the entire proceeds from the sale of Purnonerv® CBG products to the Double V Project , Puronerv® Dol , Purofem® Doderlein and PuroCol® Flor .

And you, are you there?

Widespread dissemination is the key to the success of the project. Sharing the campaign link on social networks and the link of the Double V Project Instagram page would be of great help, even better with a post on your favorite social network. Talk to your friends and your friends about the project and, if you want, make a donation from this link .

By making a donation to the project , you can also win one of the prizes made available by the Double V Team. One of the key points of the fundraising is precisely the distribution of t-shirts, shoppers and pins that aim to spark debate on this disease.

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