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Despite, Free - Bruna Orlandi

Despite, Free - Bruna Orlandi

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Throughout the international day of women's rights, on March 8, for each purchase made on the website I Rimedi del Dr. Tili, a free copy of the autobiographical novel "Nonostante, Libera. The story as a therapeutic act " by Bruna Orlandi. Dr. Tili thus wishes to continue to give a voice to all women and associations who ask for the right to have vulvodynia recognized, raising awareness of other women and men on the subject.


International women's rights day

International Women's Rights Day recalls the social, economic and political achievements and the discrimination and violence to which women have been and still are subjected in every part of the world. Already engaged in social initiatives such as the collaboration with the non-profit association, Stop Tampon Tax! Absorbents Goods of First Necessity and Proposal of Law for the Recognition of Vulvodynia and Pudendal Neuropathy , I Rimedi del Dr.Tili wishes to sensitize as many people as possible to the theme of the lack of rights for women suffering from Vulvodynia . To do this, he relies on the voice and thought of Bruna Orlandi, author of the book "Despite, Libera. The story as a therapeutic act", who has experienced firsthand the difficulties that pelvic pathologies such as Vulvodynia impose: the pain, the of the diagnosis and in receiving adequate treatment, the misunderstandings in the couple's relationship, but also the rebirth and the life that goes on.

Nonetheless, free

It's a Sunday morning and he's in the car with his partner. Suddenly she feels a pain in her genital organs, a pain that cannot be said, but which she urgently needs to tell even to the shoemaker at home. A real ordeal made up of frustrating medical visits and singular encounters begins: the champion of blisters, the guru of anthroposophy and a bizarre Chinese medicine expert, until the day a doctor finally listens to her and gives her a diagnosis. Vulvodynia.
When her disorder seems to want to slow her down, life really begins again. In between are the fear of happiness, a wedding party that looks like a festival, a psychopathic dog and a daughter who does everything to be there and the awareness that the only thing that makes sense is to live without putting it off.

Born as a personal memoir, this autobiographical novel, in which you can taste more life than suffering, explores the world of women, the relationship with the partner, sex, social taboos, the asymmetries of the doctor-patient relationship.

Bruna Orlandi

Bruna Orlandi comes from the world of communication and is an author, writer and professor of Human Sciences and Philosophy.

He created and edited an online column on Il in the Emilia-Romagna section and currently collaborates with the urban culture magazine His stories "A cigarette on the Arno" and "In his place", are both winners of literary competitions.

In 2018 he published Despite, free. The story as a therapeutic act , the first autobiographical novel in Italy and Europe in which he talks about vulvodynia. Since then, his activism and dissemination work on this pathology has continued tirelessly.

“I wrote Despite, free because it's the book I wanted to find in the bookstore when I was groping in the dark and didn't know what I had. It seemed paradoxical to me that a pain like the one I was feeling had no voice, so I entrusted my personal story to the narrative form, so that it could be widely disseminated and involve not only women suffering from vulvodynia, but also people who do not know this pathology at all and health professionals".



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