Collection: Probiotics Flora Intima and Vaginal Infections Medicines

Vaginal infections (vaginosis) can be caused by fungi (candida albicans), bacteria (gardnerella, gonococcus, staphylococcus), intracellular parasites (clamydia), viruses (genital herpes) and protozoa (trichomonas). Depending on the type of infection you are dealing with, it is possible to use antifungal creams , specific antiviral drugs , antibiotics or probiotics for the intimate flora (lactic ferments resistant to the pH of the stomach). If in the case of antiviral drugs and above all antibiotics a medical prescription is almost always strictly necessary, other solutions such as antifungal creams or lactic ferments for intimate bacterial flora can be purchased without a prescription.

Our advice is to prefer , whenever possible, solutions based on intimate probiotics such as Purofem Doderlein, because they have mechanisms of proven efficacy due to the establishment of a natural competition between the lactic ferments taken and the pathogen causing the disease. 'infection. By subtracting nutrients, space in which to replicate and normalizing the vaginal pH, the probiotics taken rapidly weaken the pathogen without compromising the rest of the vaginal bacterial flora (as would instead happen with antibiotics). This mechanism of action makes them free from serious side effects and excellent allies also for the prevention of relapses .

It is important to underline that if the infections recur chronically, the root problem may be larger and more complex than it presents.