Collection: Natural dermocosmetics

Dermocosmetics aims to treat the skin and its problems through the use of cosmetic preparations enriched with functional active ingredients.
Dermocosmetic is typically a product intended for face and body care which aims to be a real medicine for the skin before being a cosmetic. The primary purpose is to keep the skin in good condition or bring altered skin back to normal , for example reddened, couperose, acneic, wrinkled, dull, blotchy, etc.

Dermocosmetics will help you:

  • Keep skin, hair and nails in excellent condition
  • Restore the physiological conditions of reddened, couperose, etc. skin
  • Prevent age-related skin degeneration and actively fight the signs of aging.
  • Prevent damage from photo-exposure and from particular life conditions (smoking, stress, unhealthy diet, drugs)