Dr.Tili per la Ricerca e la Formazione Professionale!

Dr. Tili for Research and Professional Training!

I Rimedi del Dr. Tili has on several occasions shown to concretely support associations for the social promotion of urogenital health, training courses , crowdfunding campaigns for research and scientific conferences for the process of Recognition of Vulvodynia and Pudendal Neuropathy .

A key element in the treatment of pelvic pathologies and dysfunctions is the formation of a large, specialized and well-distributed component of professionals in the sector . Only a well-trained professional can quickly diagnose and correctly treat pelvic pathologies and dysfunctions , some of which are still being studied.

To ensure a wide dissemination of knowledge and correct treatment methodologies among professionals, I Rimedi del Dr. Tili has decided to sponsor 3 meetings on a national basis and 6 specific face-to-face training courses distributed throughout Italy.

The meetings on a national basis will give the sector experts the opportunity to meet and present the state of the art and new research on pathologies under study and therapies in continuous improvement . The meetings on a national basis will be:

  • GIS FRPP International Congress - May
  • AIUG National Congress - Alghero - May
  • Pelvic Floor Day - Lugano (Switzerland) - 20 April

The training courses sponsored by I Rimedi del Dr. Tili are organized by the Italian Association of Gynecological Urology and Pelvic Floor (AIUG). The organization is dedicated to deepening and promoting knowledge relating to the female urogenital tract and the treatment of associated pathologies .

The initiatives promoted by AIUG are an important tool for informing and sensitizing the public regarding the widespread diffusion of these pathologies and providing professionals in the sector with theoretical notions for correct diagnosis and effective therapeutic solutions .

In Italy , chronic pelvic pain and female pelvic floor dysfunctions are a problem that affects many women of all ages. This makes it necessary to train more professionals to satisfy a growing demand and bridge the North-South gap in the distribution of sector specialists on the national territory.

One of the events organized by AIUG aimed at professionals for the purpose of updating and improvement are the Urogyn days . Urogyn Days are face-to-face courses dedicated to the dissemination of knowledge and techniques to be adopted in patients suffering from chronic pelvic pain and pelvic floor dysfunction. They are taught by experts and specialists in the urogynecological sector, divided into different training sessions , each of which is focused on a specific area of ​​urogynecological treatments and approaches.

Among the topics of the training courses we find non-invasive physical therapy for pelvic floor dysfunction, diagnosis and treatment of incontinence using advanced technologies, laparoscopic and robotic surgical treatment of pelvic pathologies and management of post-operative pelvic complications .

The meetings will be held in: Monza - April, Bolzano - May, Parma - June, Rome June, Treviso - October, Viterbo - September.

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