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Ortho Ben Vaginal Eggs 6 Eggs 3g

Ortho Ben Vaginal Eggs 6 Eggs 3g

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Ortho Ben Ovuli Vaginali is a homeopathic medicine adjuvant in the inflammatory-degenerative pathology of the female genital system, also of bacterial and mycotic origin, as in the case of vaginitis, candida, endometriosis, genital fistulas, dystrophic vulvar lesions.

According to homeopathic tradition, it forms a protective film on the cervico-vaginal mucosa which prevents colonization by pathogens.

Thanks to the properties of Calendula, Echinacea, Propolis and Hydraste, according to homeopathic tradition, it offers a natural barrier to inflammatory states and diseases of the female genital system , restoring and normalizing the right physiological balance of the vaginal mucosa.

Ortho Ben Ovuli Vaginali is used in homeopathy to alleviate discomfort due to menopause (vaginal dryness).


Calendula officinalis 4DH 0.03ml; Propolis 6DH 0.03ml; Malva sylvestris 6DH 0.03ML; Vaginal mucosa 7DH 0.03ml; Cervix 7DH 0.03ml; Mercurius bi-iodatus 7CH 0,03ml.

Excipients : Gelatin, Glycerol, Purified water.

Method of use and dosage

The use of Ortho Ben 6 Vaginal Ovules 3g differs according to the problem to be addressed. for problems Wash your private parts well.

Wash your hands and remove the egg from the wrapper.

Lie on your back with knees towards your chest.

Insert the egg into the vagina as deeply as possible without causing discomfort.

Unless otherwise specified by the doctor, 1 egg is recommended in the evening before bedtime for 20 - 40 days.


In the case of taking several homeopathic medicines in different pharmaceutical forms it is good to space out the administrations by 15 minutes.

If homeopathic medicines and allopathic medicines must be taken at the same time, it is advisable to space out the various administrations, putting that of the natural product first.

It is advisable to avoid the use of licorice, camphor and chamomile, as well as the excessive use of coffee and tobacco; also avoid mint in all its forms (tablets, mouthwashes, menthol toothpastes) preferably use a homeopathic toothpaste.

They must not come into contact with the hands, to avoid removing the active ingredients which are also found on the surface of the granule.

In acute conditions, the more serious the symptom, the more it is necessary to increase the frequency of taking the medicine. When the symptom improves, vice versa, it is possible to reduce the intake of the remedy, until it is suspended once the healing has taken place.


Validity with unopened package: 60 months.



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