Collection: All Supplements, Cosmetics and Medical Devices Subject to Collecting Points

Automatic discounts (-30% Discount, -25% Discount, -20% Discount and -10% Discount) activated by the " Activate Discount! " button at the bottom center of the screen apply to ALL Supplements, Cosmetics and Devices doctors available in our Online Pharmacy , except for the products on offer of the week.

If you want to combine one of the automatic discounts with a free product (visible in the gift icon at the bottom left) do not use the button to automatically apply the discount once you have redeemed it! Instead, copy your automatic discount code and enter it in the appropriate field during checkout.
If you have already applied your automatic discount code with the relevant button and you see the products with the discount already applied in your cart , remove your discount code on the checkout page, return to the cart, add your free product and manually enter your code discount only on the checkout page before payment.

Never use discounts from associations or commercial partners if you intend to collect points. The points and total spending to access VIP offers acquired through orders bearing association or commercial partner codes will be reset to zero within 48 working hours of the order.