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T-Immuno Mix Supplement Extracts Immune Defenses 60 Capsules Dr.Tili

T-Immuno Mix Supplement Extracts Immune Defenses 60 Capsules Dr.Tili

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Made in Italy supplement gluten-free supplement lactose-free supplement vegan supplement 

T-Immuno is the boosted supplement for the immune system based on Astragalus, Uncaria, Pelargonium, Propolis and Chamomile. These can help increase the immune system and support the functionality of the mucous membranes and upper respiratory tract. Thanks to its powerful mix of highly titrated phytotherapeutic extracts, it is indicated in situations of immune stress, also due to physical activity. In T-Immuno the phytocomplexes synthesized from plant extracts are all contained at the maximum permitted dosages . The result is a new generation product designed to give the maximum benefit in the shortest possible time.

The properties attributed to Astragalus are closely linked to the polysaccharides and saponins contained within the plant.

These can exert a natural antiviral action against the viruses that cause the most common colds. They can also stimulate the immune system positively and help strengthen the immune system .
It is indicated for: stimulating the immune system, soothing inflammation of the mucous membranes and oral cavity, maintaining a healthy immune system during physical activity.

All'Uncaria are attributed natural anti-inflammatory and immunostimulant properties. The anti-inflammatory effect is attributed to the phytosterols and triterpenes contained in the plant. Instead, the oxindole alkaloids are responsible for the immunostimulant properties. These are attributed the ability to increase the phagocytosis of pathogens by macrophages and the production of T and B lymphocytes. To enjoy the benefits of Uncaria it is necessary to take the plant extracts in the correct dosages .
It is indicated in case of: viral infections, flu states associated with fever and muscle aches

Thanks to the presence of coumarins, gallic acid and tannins, Pelargonium has natural immunomodulatory and antibacterial properties against Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria. In fact, Pelargonium is attributed the ability to stimulate the production of substances toxic to bacteria , such as nitrogen monoxide. Finally, gallic acid is able to support immune cells and natural defense mechanisms against infections.
It is indicated in case of bacterial infections.

Propolis is mostly composed of resins, balms and waxes. Rich in flavonoids and polyphenols, it also has a high content of mineral salts and vitamins of group B. Thanks to the composition of caffeic acid and flavonoids, propolis has natural anti-inflammatory properties. Excellent in case of inflamed mucous membranes and diseases of the upper respiratory tract . Propolis is also very useful in case of seasonal allergies.
It is indicated in case of: cough, sore throat, cold, seasonal allergy.

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You can also find T-Immuno in the T+complex treatment Immune Defense Plus program


Take 2 capsules a day of T-Immuno Supplement for the immune system.



Astragalus 70% 300mg of which polysaccharides 210mg.

Uncaria 3% 300 mg of which total oxindole alkaloids 9 mg.

Pelargonium 100 mg.

Propolis 10% 100 mg of which Galangina 10 mg.

Chamomile 2% 100 mg of which Apigenin 2 mg.

Echinacea de 300mg.



Astragalus e.g. (astragalus membranaceus radix); uncaria es (uncaria tomentosa cortex). Echinacea ex (echinacea purpurea radix). Pelargonium eg (pelargonium sidoides radix). Propolis (propolis ). Chamomile eg (matricaria chamomilla l flos).



Do not exceed the indicated intake quantities. Supplements are not intended as substitutes for a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not use during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Keep away and do not administer to children under 3 years of age. Keep in a cool, dry place.



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