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Combiscreen10 SL Plus 100 Sticks Urine Test

Combiscreen10 SL Plus 100 Sticks Urine Test

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The reactive strips Combiscreen10 sl plus 100 urine test sticks allow you to carry out a urine test for an initial diagnosis of diseases of the urogenital tract (cystitis, pyelonephritis), diabetes, liver disease, blood diseases and metabolic disorders.
The package contains 100 test strips and measures the presence of: leukocytes, nitrites, urobilinogen, proteins, ph, blood, ketones, bilirubin, glucose .


Before using Combiscreen10 sl plus 100 Stick Urine it is recommended to perform a bidet with water only. It is recommended to use morning urine
Take a strip from the bottle, urinate into a clean container and immerse the test strip in it for 1 or 2 seconds. Extract the strip and after 60 seconds compare the result with the reference color scale shown on the package.


The non-profit association in collaboration with numerous professionals in the sector has put together some schemes that help to use this product in the correct ways and times. Download them now from the links below!

Patterns that include the product:

- Download the Post-coital Cystitis chart

- Download the Miriam Candida and Vaginal Infections chart

- Download the Cystitis in Children chart

- Download the generic diagram of D-mannose intake

- Download the Acute Cystitis chart

- Download the Abacterial Cystitis Without Symptoms chart

- Download the chart Cystitis in Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

- S loads the Dada Cystitis in Menopause diagram

- Download the Asymptomatic Bacteriuria Chart

Schemes that do not include the product:

- Download the Chronic Cystitis chart


In the case of inflammation or infection in non-urological sites, for example in the case of influenza, more leukocytes are excreted than usual in the urine.
Antibiotics containing imipenem, meropenem and clavulanic acid as active ingredients can cause false positives. Antibiotics containing cephalexin and gentamicin can give false negatives.
The test carried out in the 3 days following an antibiotic treatment can give a false negative.

Always keep the test strips tightly closed in their container and placed in a cool place (below 25°), not cold (above 2°), dry and away from the sun's rays. If they appear discolored or spontaneously change from the base color, they may be out of date or have received too much air and humidity.



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