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Arnica Spray Strong 25% Dr. Tili

Arnica Spray Strong 25% Dr. Tili

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Integratore made in Italy monitorato metalli pesanti testato al nichel senza fragranza aggiunta  senza parabeni senza silicone dermatologicamente testato 

Arnica Spray Strong 25% Dr. Tili is a high quality phytotherapeutic preparation based on high titration Arnica fluid extract (25%) from organic farming. Menthol enriches the spray and gives the characteristic cold effect, useful to alleviate muscle and joint pain due to trauma, bruises and sprains.

Arnica Spray Strong 25% can also be used on bandages and tape. It absorbs quickly and leaves no residue.

Arnica montana is a perennial herbaceous plant of the Composite family that grows spontaneously in the Alpine and pre-Alpine regions. Active ingredients contained in Arnica (flavonoids, triterpenes, sesquiterpene lactones) have natural anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and pain-relieving properties. Among the natural remedies, arnica stands out for its ability to relieve pain and promote healing from trauma, bruises and sprains. Arnica also promotes the resorption of bruises.

Thanks to its antiseptic properties it is also used in case of t common skin inflammations such as acne, boils, chapped lips and insect bites.

Indicated in case of: sprains, sprains, bruises, bruises, muscle pain, joint pain, superficial phlebitis, arthrosis and hemorrhoids.

Natural Menthol is a component extracted and purified from the mint plant. It has high volatility and evaporates quickly. This causes a decrease of our surface skin heat and immediately causes a cold sensation. Superficial cooling gives relief from pain and performs a specific toning action of the vascular bed, which determines an improvement of circulation (thermal shock). This helps to relieve pain and prevent edema.



Apply 2/3 sprays of Arnica Spray Strong 25% Dr. Tili over the affected area. Gently massage until completely absorbed.



Water, alcohol, Arnica montana extract from organic farming. Glycerine. Menthol. Phenoxyethanol. Xanthan gum.


Keep out of reach of children. Avoid direct contact with eyes. If this happens, rinse with plenty of water. External use only. Apply on intact skin. Keep away from heat sources. Store in a cool, dry place.



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