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Aboca Relief Fisiolax 90 Tablets

Aboca Relief Fisiolax 90 Tablets

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Aboca Sollievo Fisiolax is a medical device based on senna, chicory, fennel, dandelion, caraway and cumin. It acts with a laxative effect in case of constipation , protects the intestinal mucosa from inflammation and irritation, naturally stimulates intestinal motility by promoting intestinal contractions and drawing water into the intestine to soften the stool and facilitate evacuation .

The action of Aboca Sollievo FisioLax is obtained thanks to the set of natural active ingredients which act on the functions used by the intestine to regulate transit. These determine a natural laxative action, a propulsive effect on intestinal transit and a protective effect on the intestinal mucosa as Aboca Sollievo FisioLax:

  • It causes an increase in intestinal motility , promoting contraction of the intestine.
  • Promotes stool hydration , reducing the reabsorption of water in the intestine.
  • Forms a barrier that adheres to the intestinal mucosa for complete protection of the intestinal wall.
  • Modulates inflammation which is counteracted by the protective barrier of the mucosa

Method of use and dosage Aboca Sollievo Fisiolax

It is recommended to take 1 to 3 tablets in the evening, when it is deemed useful, with a large glass of water. The correct dosage is the minimum sufficient to favor the physiological intestinal transit without producing liquid stools, it is therefore customizable according to individual needs. In general, to promote intestinal transit, it is recommended to drink throughout the day, take the right amount of fiber and exercise.

Average analysis 1 Aboca Sollievo FisioLax tablet

Fisiolax Relief Complex 420mg
(obtained from senna, chicory, fennel, dandelion, caraway and cumin
Polyphenolic complex with flavonoids and sennosides ≥ 3.1%

Warnings and Contraindications Aboca Relief Fisiolax

Do not use if there is hypersensitivity or individual allergy to one or more components. Do not exceed the maximum recommended dose. Keep out of reach of children. In case of persistent constipation, it is important to consult your doctor. The product is recommended from 12 years of age.



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