Farmacia Tili e Fondazione Libellula contro la violenza di genere!

Tili Pharmacy and Libellula Foundation against gender violence!

Gender-based violence is a social emergency which, despite efforts, continues to claim victims and leave indelible marks in the lives of too many people. In Italy the fight against this social plague finds more and more allies in associations and businesses that work to make a difference. The Libellula Foundation and Dr.Tili's Remedies - Farmacia Tili have joined forces in a new fundraising initiative which aims to support women victims of violence and spread the culture of gender equality .

Gender-based violence is a problem that must be addressed with urgency and determination . Libellula Foundation is committed to this battle on a daily basis by promoting gender equity, female empowerment and the culture of consensus and respect. Through training and dedicated projects, the Foundation helps women who have suffered violence, offering them support, listening and the resources necessary to take back their lives .

As part of its mission to contribute to the well-being of the community and to promote significant social initiatives, I Rimedi del Dr.Tili - Farmacia Tili is proud to announce the fundraising event intended to support the Libellula Foundation. From 8 March to 31 March Farmacia Tili undertakes to donate 15% of the proceeds from the sales of all its products on to the activities of the Libellula Foundation.

The History and Activities of the Libellula Foundation

Libellula Foundation was born with the aim of acting on a cultural level to prevent violence against women and gender discrimination . Its mission is twofold: on the one hand, to act directly in support of women through concrete help paths; on the other, working at a cultural and social level to prevent gender violence and promote equity.

Among its main initiatives, the following stand out:

  • Economic Support for Women Victims of Violence: Financial support and education programs for women who find themselves in particularly vulnerable situations, with the aim of helping them regain economic independence .

  • Training for Healthcare Professionals : Specific courses for doctors, nurses and healthcare personnel, aimed at improving recognition and intervention in cases of gender violence .

  • Training and awareness courses : Educational activities aimed at schools, universities and companies to promote awareness of gender violence and ways to combat it.

  • Awareness-raising activities : campaigns, events and surveys to widely spread the culture of respect and inform public opinion on the issues of violence against women and gender equality.

We are here, are you?

The initiative of I Rimedi del Dr.Tili - Farmacia Tili will not only provide essential financial support for the activities of the Libellula Foundation, but also represents an important signal of solidarity and commitment on the part of the entrepreneurial fabric towards important social issues . Through this collaboration, Farmacia Tili presents itself as a virtuous example in the Italian business landscape, demonstrating how companies can and must play an active role in solving urgent social problems.

To participate in the fundraising event, from March 8th to March 31st, purchase one or more Dr.Tili (Tilab SRL) brand products on . Farmacia Tili undertakes to donate 15% of the proceeds from the sales of all its products to the activities of the Libellula Foundation. The money thus obtained will be used by the Libellula Foundation to support its treatment projects.

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