Tili Srl Pharmacy - Who are we?

Farmacia Tili SRL is a company divided into three strategic assets that provide the citizen with a 360° service for the protection and promotion of health in all its forms . This is how the three components, the Dr.TIli Pharmacy - Healthness Service Center , the e-commerce I Rimedi del Dr.Tili and the Tilab SRL industrial production apparatus, integrate to satisfy all requests in the field of Health and Beauty of our customers.

The Dr. Tili Pharmacy - Healthness service center

The Dr. Tili Pharmacy located near Erba (Como) boasts more than fifty years of activity and has developed over time into a large service center that goes far beyond the idea of ​​the traditional pharmacy we are used to.
This conception of the pharmacy of the future which puts an entire service center at the disposal of citizens for diagnosis and specialist treatments is called the Dr. Tili Healthness Service Center and includes:

  • The masterful high-tech galenic laboratory that produces galenic preparations with the best ingredients available on the market to ensure maximum titration of the active ingredient for each preparation.

  • An area dedicated to specialist physiotherapy, osteopathic , podiatry-structural treatments with specialists in the sector to provide the best possible care directly in the Healthness Service Center of the Dr. Tili Pharmacy

  • An area dedicated to nutrition where it is possible to carry out metabolic and liver check-ups , plicometries, lipid profiles, etc. The expert nutritionist who manages the area creates personalized nutritional plans based on the data collected through the analyzes carried out.

  • An area dedicated to the well-being of the skin where it is possible to carry out check-ups to precisely identify skin problems and carry out specific aesthetic treatments such as electroporation, radiofrequency , LPG body treatment , etc.

The Remedies of Dr. Tili and Tilab SRL

The masterful galenic tradition of Farmacia Tili has evolved and found its full fulfillment over the course of 50 years of activity, culminating in the establishment of Tilab SRL and in the opening of the ecommerce I Rimedi del Dr. Tili, active throughout Europe .

Tilab SRL is the industrial sector of Farmacia Tili SRL for the production of supplements and natural cosmetics for the general public . Unlike the master galenic laboratory, whose preparations can only be requested and purchased through a white recipe, Tilab SRL products are available to everyone , without the need for a recipe.

It is important to underline that Tilab SRL products have the same very high quality of galenic products , while remaining compliant with the Italian regulations on the maximum titration of the principles for supplements that can be sold without a prescription.
Dr.Tili's Remedies products are equipped with all the relevant quality certifications (lactose-free, heavy metal-free, dermatologically tested, organic ingredients, etc.), visible at the beginning of each Dr.Tili product sheet.

One of the main advantages of having your own industrial department for the production of skin cosmetics and natural supplements is undoubtedly the possibility of carrying out your own research to constantly update the product formulas . It is no coincidence that one of the most popular lines of Tilab SRL production, the Puro Line (in all its forms Puroman, Puronerv, Purodefend, Purorepair, Purocol and Purofem) sees its products constantly updated, also thanks to the collaboration with Cistite.info APS and a pool of experts in urogenital health.

The result is only one: products that are always updated , increasingly effective and with rare or absolutely new components on the European market .